Social Media Platform Setup

Social Media Platform Setup

If don’t already have a complete social media presence for your business then our social media setup service will get you started. We’ll set you up with your initial accounts, images, and profiles on the main social media platforms in addition to our Social Media Dashboard “SocialDash” to manage all your Social Media Platforms from one convenient location.

What we do

  • We set up your business accounts with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest
  • We set up your Twitter with logo, background, and profile texts.
  • We set up your company pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. Company pages are different from the standard personal pages. We’ll deal with the initial account setup, logos, cover photos, and profiles.
  • We show you how to log in, read, and update through SocialDash.

What we need from you

Don’t take this list as homework or difficult. If you haven’t dealt with graphics, we have, just send us your images. Almost everybody has a logo and some standard graphics. If you do, we can work with them without taking your time. We can also copy them off of the web but do not guarantee the quality of output.

  • Your logo that you use on print materials and on the web.
  • Your business descriptions that you use on on print materials and on the web.
  • Your favorite images that you use on print materials and on the web.
  • We’ll need temporary access to your personal Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+ (gmail) accounts if you have them.


As part of the standard setup we’ll of course show you how to access, read, and use SocialDash to manage every social media account we set up for you. That takes two hours or less, depending on what you need. Our experience with past clients ranges from just sending links and usernames and passwords to looking over your shoulder while you do it. We can do it by phone, in-house or over a web meeting so we can share a computer.

We’re available for more tutoring and/or training than this, but for that we do charge $100 per hour. The first two hours are included with the one-time $698 setup fee.


We charge $698 for the platform setup and $98/mo for SocialDash. We also provide you at no additional charge with a meeting to send you off on your own with our head start and ongoing instructions.

What it doesn’t include

We don’t do your marketing, however that is another service we do provide “MktgDash”. We do not provide graphic design services for this service, we use existing graphics you provide, which we resize to optimal sizes for profiles and platforms. If you need graphic design services they can be provided buy us at an additional charge of $85hr.

We don’t do the regular updates for you. This is a one-time Social Media platform setup. Regular updates can be provided and we do want to do that for you; but this is the setup, not the regular service. Call us for custom and special rates on combined services.