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Time's UP... All Websites need to be "Mobile Friendly" according to Google!

Whether it be Resonsive, iMobile Web App, Hybrid or a Native Apps.... Google made an announcement on February 26, 2015 regarding their mobile search algorithm.
Google intends to change their mobile organic SERP algorithm to more heavily weigh “Mobile Friendliness” as a ranking signal begenning April 21, 2015.
What does this mean? In short, if your website isn't "Mobile Friendly" then your ranking will be lowest in mobile searches and No one wants to be last!
It's not to late! Contact us today and we will bring your online presence up to par with Google's new "Mobile Friendly" search criteria. more...

How We Help You!

There has never been a better time or more of a demand to go mobile with your business. We make it so that your customers can reach you anywhere, anytime by the convienence of their mobile device. Let us guide you in the right direction to help you select the best mobile solution for your business. Whether it be Responsive Design, Mobile Web or a Native App, it's no longer optional, it's essential. more...

We Do Responsive...

Responsive design is the latest development in creating a mobile presence for your business. But keep in mind Responsive Design isn't for everyone and can be quite an extensive and expensive proccess if you already have a full content driven website. Read our "Do or Don't" artical and decide if it's the right mobile solution for your business. more...

We do QR-Code & SMS Marketing

We help you communicate with your customers more efficiently through a suite of highly interactive mobile marketing campaigns. SMS (text messaging) is personal and has a 96% read rate. QR-Code Marketing can bring you great results as well by offering in-house or external Call-To-Action campaigns that are guranteed to drive in more foot traffic. SMS & QR-Codes are also the best solutions for driving traffic and downloads to your mobile apps!

Get a iMobile Web App for your Business in as little as 5 days!

Contact us today for a free consultation... We will design and develop a fully functional "live" iMobile Web App in 5 business days or

its FREE!

Benefits of using Oklahoma App Coompany

Below are just a few of the great reasons to go mobile with OK App Co.

Complete Setup
Complete Setup

We know you’re busy, so we can do all the development and design work for you. Simply tell us a bit about your business, industry, and budget... We will do the rest! But if you prefer a DIY, we have that too... Try our new iMobile App Builder Pro

Multi Platform Friendly
Multi Platform Friendly

We constantly test new smartphone and tablet devices, so your mobile solution will never be outdated. iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, and Blackberry compatible.

Drive New Business
Drive New Business

We offer FREE marketing assistance to all our customers. Learn the best ways to market and expose your app thorough Mobile SEO, Google Analytics, QR-Codes, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, etc...


We understand budgets! Mobile App development can often costs tens of thousands of dollars. We will work with you and provide an effective mobile solution within your budget, our plans start as low as $995 for iMobile Web Apps, $1795 for Native and Hybrid Apps.

Top Notch Features
Top Notch Features

Tap to call, redeemable mobile coupons, food/drink menus, reservations, Social Media Interaction, GPS and Geolocating, events, appointment scheduling, and more!

Mobile Builder Dashboard
iMobile Web App Management

Need to change content in your app? No problem. Login to your iMobile Builder Dashboard, make the change, and your app is instantly updated. Dont have the time? We can do it for you!

Real Time Statistics and Google Analytics
Real Time Statistics & Analytics Tracking

Understanding in-app behavior is essential for building and improving on the experience your app provides. By using built-in app Statistics and Google Mobile Analytics we can provide you with app usage, clicks, calls, SMS, number of new users, active users, total users, etc...

Satisfaction Gurantee
Satisfaction Gurantee

If for any reason your are unhappy with your mobile solution, let us know and we’ll continue to perfect it until your 100% satisfied. *Some restrictions may apply.

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Which App Is Best For Your Business?

Let us guide you in the right direction to help you select the best app solution for your business. Whether it be Mobile Web or a Native App, it's no longer optional, it's essential. more...

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